HIV & Aging

Through its Center on HIV & Aging, ACRIA is recognized as an international leader on the issue of older adults and HIV.


The ACRIA Center on HIV & Aging investigates, defines, and seeks to address the unique needs and challenges that older adults of diverse populations living with HIV face as they age.  Through research, education, and advocacy, the Center fosters the open exchange and dissemination of information within the lay and scientific communities and among both older adult and AIDS service providers.  This open dialogue serves to advance the formulation of public policy guidelines, the identification of unmet needs, the improved delivery of life-saving services, and the filling in of research gaps regarding this understudied and underserved population.


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8 Policy Recommendations for Improving the Health & Wellness of Older Adults with HIV     Click title to download a pdf of the document.


Recognizing that the HIV/AIDS epidemic has disproportionately affected communities of color and LGBT people since its beginning, the Diverse Elders Coalition and ACRIA (AIDS Community Research Initiative of America) offer eight policy recommendations that can dramatically improve the lives of older people with HIV.