Drug Trials

Since ACRIA was founded in 1991, its Robert Mapplethorpe Clinical Research Program has been instrumental in the development of medications that have made it possible for people with HIV to live longer, healthier lives. Today, the drugs we study include not just new anti-retroviral medications (ARVs), but new combinations and dosages of existing HIV drugs; medications being assessed for their efficacy in combating the side effects of both HIV and the drugs used to treat it; and new treatments for hepatitis C, a common co-infection of HIV (40% of HIV-positive people also have hepatitis C). 


Because of our grassroots approach to this work and close ties to community-based organizations throughout New York City and beyond, we have had great success enrolling participants in our clinical trials who may not otherwise have the opportunity to benefit from these types of studies, including women, people of color, and men who have sex with men (MSMs).  Indeed, our ability to recruit participants in clinical trials and the high quality of our data has frequently led to our being sought out by drug companies to test promising new therapies, in preference to larger institutions.  


All clinical trials take place at ACRIA’s research site in Manhattan.  It is important to note that for a small, community-based organization like ACRIA, maintaining a clinical research program is unique and requires significant resources.  Because of their importance for the communities we serve, we support a significant portion of this work with our general operating funds.


To learn more about drug trials please email info@acria.org