Over the past 27 years, ACRIA has harnessed the tremendously generous spirit of the creative community to lead the fight against AIDS.

This generosity has led to the landmark development of a staggering twenty new, approved medicines to treat HIV, vital and ongoing research into HIV and Aging, and supporting the largest sexual health and leadership programs in New York City schools, just to name a few. Since late 2017, the ACRIA Artists Ending AIDS Fund has also supported the incredible work of GMHC, our new strategic partner and the world’s first AIDS service provider, today serving over 13,000 individuals annually with a comprehensive range of vital human services, including access to HIV testing and treatment; mental health and substance use treatment; legal, immigration and housing assistance; services for LGBTQ+ New Yorkers; and assistance accessing health insurance. Both ACRIA and GMHC were leaders on New York State’s Committee to End the Epidemic by 2020. We’re so close but we need you!


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