ACRIA Commends Governor Cuomo for Endorsing Plan to End AIDS in New York State

ACRIA applauds Governor Cuomo for his commitment to ending the HIV epidemic in New York by today announcing his intention to name a task force charged with creating a ‘New York Plan to End AIDS’. Since early 2013, and in conjunction with Housing Works, Treatment Action Group and other community, State and New York City partners, ACRIA has led efforts to strengthen and re-envision New York’s approach to HIV prevention and treatment, as we now have the science and means to end AIDS if we smartly commit the resources. Together, our coalition made a number of recommendations to Governor Cuomo, including the creation of a Task Force to End AIDS in New York.

“Although there are more New Yorkers living with HIV than in any other state in the nation, it is within our reach to end the epidemic that has plagued us for more than 30 years,” said Benjamin Bashein, the acting executive director of ACRIA. “There is still no cure at hand, but we now have the knowledge and means to dramatically reduce new HIV infections and promote optimal health for those with HIV. Governor Cuomo’s leadership will help our vision become a reality and make New York a model for ending AIDS across the country and around the globe.

New York has seen an almost 40% decrease in new HIV diagnoses in the last decade, with fewer new infections each year, while nationally there has been no decline in the number of new HIV infections diagnosed each year. In addition, infection through injection drug use has been reduced by over 90%, and mother-to-child transmission is down 99%. We are on the brink of making the end of AIDS possible in New York, and with this important step by the Governor we have taken significant leap forward.

The official release from Governor Cuomo’s office is here: