ACRIA Hosts Signature Event—UNFRAMED —With 12 New Artist Editions

ACRIA’s Executive Director Benjamin Bashein along with Board President Stewart Shining, hosts Jonathan Mallow, Zoë Buckman, Ales Ortuzar, Bettina Prentice, Casey Fremont, Austin Fremont, Marlies Verhoeven, Billy Cotton, Ariel Foxman, Brandon Cardet-Hernandez, Michelle Hellman Cohen, Sarah Hoover, David Kleinberg, Carolyn Angel, Adam Shopkorn, Andre Mellone, Andre Viana, Ed Fogarty, Neal Beckstedt, Peter Colon, Emie Diamond, Steve Elmendorf, Vincent Gagliostro, Ryan Kroft, Adam Zeller, Michael Lorber, Deborah Hughes, Brian Jones, James McAvey, Isabel Rattazzi, Robert Tucker, Dini von Mueffling, Brien Wassner, and Jason Wu and guests including Joseph Altuzarra, Dana Lorenz (Fallon), Chloe Malle, Karin Nelson, Polina Proshkina, Rory Satran, Marcus Teo, Joseph Akel, Peter Som, Michael Angel, Meredith Melling, Ryan Fitzgibbon, Hanuk Hanuk, Alexa Rudolfo, and Daniel Vosovic joined many others in celebrating the launch of the 25th Annual ACRIA Unframed.

This evening was the first opportunity to purchase newly produced editions and unique multiples exclusive to ACRIA by incredible artistic talent, both emerging and established, including: Andrew Brischler, Nancy Brooks Brody, Ellen Carey, Anne Collier (below), Jack Early, Jim Gaylord, Jeremy Kost, Cary Leibowitz, Jack Pierson, Emily Mae Smith, Bryson Rand, and Richard Tinkler. Proceeds from the sale benefit ACRIA’s Artists Ending AIDS Fund.

Douglas Elliman and Michael Namer of Alfa Development, the developer of 200 East 21st Street and owner of Gallery 151, were the presenting sponsors of this year’s Unframed.

For images from the event, click here. To view our new editions, visit our Shop today.