New York State Center of Expertise on Aging & HIV, STIs, and Hepatitis

ACRIA is a designated New York State Center of Expertise (COE) on Aging & HIV, STIs, and Viral Hepatitis funded by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute. 
In 2007, our groundbreaking Research on Older Adults with HIV (ROAH) study placed the spotlight on the emerging HIV epidemic in adults age 50 and older. This and subsequent research initiatives have established ACRIA as an expert resource on HIV and aging. 

As the New York State AIDS Institute’s COE on Aging and HIV, STIs, and Viral Hepatitis, ACRIA ensures that non-clinical providers, have increased capacity to deliver health promotion and maintenance interventions for sexually active but uninformed or misinformed seniors and for older adults living with HIV, STIs, and viral hepatitis. Since 2011, as the COE, ACRIA has developed curriculum, conducted needs assessments, and delivered trainings throughout New York State, supporting both front-line providers and AIDS Institute Regional Training Center staff in their work. 


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