The Young Friends of ACRIA (YFA) is a dynamic, membership-based group for professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s interested in advancing ACRIA’s mission, furthering their own understanding of the newest developments in the fight against AIDS, engaging with New York City’s creative communities, and supporting those most affected by HIV, including women, LGBT people, and communities of color. 

The YFA is guided by a Leadership Committee:  

  • Drew Elliott (Chief Creative Officer, PAPER)
  • Clay Floren (Partner, Floren Shieh Productions)
  • Casey Fremont (Executive Director, Art Production Fund)
  • Gillian Hearst Simonds (Philanthropist)
  • Christian Langbein (Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communcations, Prada)
  • Dana Lorenz (Creative Director, Fallon)
  • Julian J. Mateo, III (Philanthropist)
  • Sofia Sanchez de Betak (Creative Director)
  • George Sotelo (Creative Director, Thorsun)
  • Jason Wu (Creative Director, Jason Wu Studio)

Members are invited to attend a variety of YFA events throughout the year, including intimate dinners, artist studio visits, and private museum and gallery tours. Additionally, YFA members are entitled to specially priced or complimentary ticketing for ACRIA’s marquee events: Unframed, Cocktails at Sunset, and the Holiday Dinner. They also receive discounts on purchases through the ACRIA Online Gallery and at other ACRIA-related art sales. Members receive special recognition on the ACRIA website.