Youth Advisory Council

The main goal of the Youth Advisory Council is to equip youth leaders with the skills to analyze societal problems affecting the health of their communities, and to mobilize our youth to help solve those problems.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Advise the Organization: This youth-led body will advise and lend insight about the issues affecting the health of their communities.
  2. Actionable Projects: The YAC will affect direct change in their communities through a variety of projects including educational workshops, social media campaigns, and direct actions. These projects will affect at least 1,000 youth over the course of one year. 
  3. Empower Themselves: YAC participants will empower themselves through participation in an educational and confidence-building curriculum, as well as through various public speaking opportunities promoting self-advocacy.

Meetings will be Wednesday nights from October to June.

Incentives Include:

  • Resume building experience
  • College references
  • Dinner & roundtrip Metrocard
  • AMEX Gift Card upon completion
  • Networking with other youth leaders

For more information please contact:
Mia Ragozino
Manager, Youth Advisory Council